Friday, 22 October 2010

Another cold October night

Thursday morning was really frosty and it felt so cold all day. I had to wonder how the hedgehogs were coping. Looking out into the garden in the evening I didn't see much activity, although just before 11pm I went to check if more food was needed and saw this juvenile hedgehog (pictured above and below). Last year I got all indignant when I saw that one of "my hogs" had been marked with a little white paint. This time it made me pleased. It means that someone else in the neighbourhood is keeping tabs and is watching out for them, and most likely feeding them too. That doesn't make me feel quite so bad about leaving them behind when I move out at the end of the month.
Let's now look at the best of the night's photos from the infrared motion-detector camera:
Here's an adult hedgehog...
...and for size comparison, here's a juvenile in the same position:
I love how this little one is perched on the edge of the food bowl. If an adult tried this it would upturn the bowl.

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