Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Fussy hedgehogs

Last night I had to ration the mealworms as I am very nearly out, as is my local supplier. I figured I'd put a bowl of chicken flavoured cat food out to make up for it, but this morning shows that it has barely been touched. I feel a bit guilty that I've not been able to supply their favourite food - the mealworms - as at this time of year it's crucial that the hedgehogs build up enough weight so as to survive hibernation throughout the winter.

There didn't seem to be many visitors last night (and few decent photo captures) but this one above is unusal in the fact that it was so late at nearly 6:00am.  Ordinarily there is very little hedgehog activity in this garden after 4:00am. Perhaps this hog was especially hungry seeing as I wasn't able to put many mealworms out, but you'd have thought it'd have tried the cat food at least.

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