Monday, 1 November 2010

The final hedgehog photos from my garden in south Oxfordshire

I've now been in Pembrokeshire, Wales, for a few days and am still setting in. The last couple of weeks have been hectic, but on my last night in the old house I did put the infrared camera out. Looking at the captured images today I am quite surprised to see quite a lot of activity because the impression I had was that hedgehog visits had dropped to a mere trickle each night.

This will certainly be the end of the hedgehog photos on this blog for this year. Perhaps next Spring I might find a local population here in Pembrokeshire.


  1. Hi GL, thanks for showing us the last captures. We hope they will get on OK in your absence. We also hope you settle in OK in Wales.
    We have enjoyed your blog immensely and we hope you will get the opportunity to restart it come the Springtime.
    We have not seen a hedgie here since Oct 18th and s/he had been the only one visiting for the best part of a fortnight at that stage. We hope they are all now tucked up safely.

  2. I have really enjoyed all your hedgehog coming and goings and will miss your lovely photos and videos.
    Good luck in your new home and let's hope there are lots of Welsh hogs to keep you busy.

  3. I also hope these Hogs will be OK when your gone, i hope the new owners feed them so well.. Good luck in your new home and i look forward to seeing some welsh hogs in the Spring...LOL....Meadow..xx..

  4. Hi GL, hope you are happy in your new home, and find lots of Welsh hoggies to keep you company next Spring.

    I don't think either of our houses are being used now, but we have had 2 nightly visitors up until the night before last. I suspect all of the load noises may have scared them off. Not sure if they will return or not this year since it is now getting colder again. Unfortunatly no Juveniles to look after this year.

  5. Hi GL, we hope you can still pick up comments posted to your blog so this is to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year and thanks again for all the enjoyment your blog brought to us.

  6. Thanks! Happy Christmas to you too!

    I don't have the email address anymore but can be reached at gavinlloydwilson AT