Friday, 14 May 2010


Yesterday we had a little tidy up in the garden, and I decided to move the hedgehog feeding station and the rubber mat "runway", because it was right in the middle of the patio and not in the most convenient position. So, it's all moved a few feet over to the right and up against the fence. In the photo below in which Elsa is checking over the new arrangement (she likes to be involved) you can see the hedge behind, and in the background of the photo to the left you can just make out the secondary feeding station at the bottom of the garden. I think I'm going to move this a little more to the right too.
We are often told that hedgehogs are creatures governed by habit and routine. I'm not convinced that this is entirely true, and anyway, they didn't seem too confused by the relocation of their facilities here in the garden.
Note the hedgehog feeding from the bowl on the rubber mat. This individual has been visiting regularly in recent weeks. He's distinguishable from the others by the two dark bars on his right shoulder. I'm trying to think of a name for him... Barney, perhaps?

I'm glad to see our blackbird is back! He's hardly had a look-in recently with the wood pigeons and the starlings.


  1. With his 2 stripes I think Corporal Jones would be a good name;-)

  2. Oh, you don't want to get me started on Dad's Army! (One of my favourite programmes). Put that idea into my mind, and I'll be naming all the hedgehogs after the whole platoon.