Tuesday, 4 May 2010

May Day Hedgehogs

These pictures from last night are very dark, because the battery in the camera was low and it gave up altogether by midnight. Ironically, the reduced power meant that the infrared was not very strong and so we ended up with some quite nice hedgehog photos with none of the dreaded white out.

The hedgehogs do seem to be very hungry at the moment. I've been having to re-fill the bowls for the last couple of nights because all the mealworms are eaten up by 11:00PM. Last night I also put a bowl of Elsa's cat food out (she's being very fussy again and refusing to eat perfectly good food), and the hedgehogs yummed that up too. I won't be able to put out Elsa's cat food rejects today, as I was trying to get her to eat some fishy cat food, and apparently fish-based cat food is not good for hedgehogs.

According to Twosie, this week is Hedgehog Awareness Week. I must confess that this is the first I had heard of it. But of course, every week is hedgehog awareness week around here!


  1. Hi GL, our hedgies are also ravenous as are those visiting John's garden (http://midmarsh.blogspot.com/). We wonder if it might be the cold spell that is making them hungry.

  2. I love this!! We don't have hedgehogs here in Canada. I have always had a very soft spot for them, wishing we did. Thanks for these fantastic photos and blogging about the little beauties.

  3. Thank you. Unfortunately these delightful little animals are becoming scarcer over here in the UK. The people of Britain need to appreciate what they've got and not take it for granted, for one day they might not have it any more.

    Twosie - perhaps it is the cold weather. Instinct takes over and they just want to eat and eat.

  4. I've noticed how hungry the younger hedgehogs are. They can spend up to 15 minutes a time at the food dish. I guess the cold nights are keeping down the numbers of beetles and such like.