Sunday, 3 January 2010

One for next year's Christmas card, perhaps

I managed to get a very festive photo of this robin yesterday morning following a heavy snowfall overnight in Pembrokeshire, Wales.


  1. Lovely shot;)
    My hedgehog feeding 'area' has become a bird hotspot. I still put mealworms out every night just in case so in the morning the birds make merry - I'm happy as nothing goes to waste and I get to see them feeding.
    Happy New Year

  2. Now that our two boys have eventually decided it is time for sleep, we seem to have a mouse who is quite keen on the hoggie bites. It doesn't seem to like mealworms though...

  3. Happy New Year GL,

    Your robbie photo is lovely. Indeed, it was great to check your blog and to see your latest entry there. All is very quiet on our front, bar a mouse or three and of course the local cats, one of whom seems so hungry that it even sits down and eats mealworms. It doesn't seem extremely thin, but we're surprised that it eats them.

    We hope you've had a good holiday in Wales and from being further west, I know you've had a fair bit of snow as well. From looking at the forecast last night, it looks like here in the Chilterns, we may get some snow over the next day or two - we'll just have to wait and see.