Friday, 15 January 2010

Yesterday's blackbird

This blackbird is perched on the brick structure which I threw together last year to protect the hedgehogs' food in rainy weather.

I can't help wondering how the hibernating hedgehogs have been coping during this very wintery spell we've been having. I suppose we won't know if there numbers have been affected until March when they should make a reappearance.


  1. I am having the exact same thoughts!
    When I look at my hedgehog house I think the only thing my hogs have is some wood and hay between them and sub zero temperatures....if they survive I plan to put logs around it.I don't want to disturb them by doing it now.
    I love your prehistoric bird station! the broken slab looks like a huge biscuit:)

  2. Seem like us animal lovers are all thinking the same - love your blog - we're based in Northern Brittany where I work as a gardener and garden designer and have had lots of sightings of hedgehogs particularly in our own garden and woodland. Last year for the first time had the wonderful experience of watching Mum and three babies develop but by the end of the summer only one hedgehog seemed to be left in the garden - it nested in the rockery and due to the lack of protection over it's nest I added an extra shelter - wooden box with roofing felt over the top to keep the rain and snow out as well as some extra straw as it's been SO cold down to -9 here - so do hope it's okay - I've not got loads of experience with hedgehogs but always wanting to learn new things - any thoughts on this? I look forward to the developements with your hogs during 2010 and will add you to my blog list! Enjoy your week - Miranda