Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More birds in the snow

Here's a pied wagtail on the pavement of the Orchard Centre in Didcot. They seem to like pavements and pathways, don't they?

It's strange that some birds such as the blackbird pictured below are very much in evidence, whereas other birds are conspicuous by their absense. (Migratory, perhaps?) I have seen the odd sparrow, magpie and a few crows. I saw a couple of starlings this morning, and the woodpigeons are never too far away. But those that seem the most active are the blackbirds. The snow around these parts is covered in their tracks.

A blackbird, yesterday.

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  1. Hi GL,

    The pied wagtails are so funny - at times, they seem to forget to wag their tail but then, all of a sudden they start wagging it again.

    Looks like the blackbird is giving your bird table a good once-over. We hope they've started using it.