Saturday, 7 November 2009

The last hedgehog is an old friend

Please forgive the quality of this video. It seems that the position I placed the camera in meant that quite a lot of glare was created. I have reduced the brightness in an attempt to improve the picture, but it's far from perfect.

Regular readers to this blog will know that most of the hedgehogs that had been visiting my garden this year are now hibernating; all except this one individual hedgehog that is still braving the cold weather and filling up on as much food as possible.

Studying the above video footage I now believe that this particular hedgehog is an old friend ... Scratchy!


  1. Hi GL, certainly behaves like Scratchy (mind you, we had one here a few weeks ago who also liked to scratch).

    Can I ask you a completely separate question? We now have another house guest - Tictac, who arrived last night at just 457g (both front paws in the food bowl, just like Harry).

    Unfortunately, he / she has two ticks. I seem to remember you saying somewhere on this blog about soeaking them in olive oil. Have now done this. However, how long should it take to be effective?

    TIA, Kevin

  2. Whatever you do - don't pull them. The best way to remove them is with a Tic Twister device. I'm going to have to find a link for you, so stay tuned. I know they sell them in Tiggywinkles.

  3. Here, you need one of these lads:

  4. Thanks for the link. Does this mean that the smothering of them in olive oil doesn't actually work?

  5. The olive oil apparently does work, but apparently the tick can regurgitate germs into the wound on the hedgehog and turn it septic.

    The safest method of removal, apparently, is using the tick twister.

    In other news, I noticed some of the mealworms in both the feeding station and the brick shelter have been eaten tonight, so it seems that there is still at least one hedgehog at large here.

  6. Unfortunately we had already applied the oil before readimg your replies. One tick seems to have dropped off, but the other is still there. Will be getting the sort of tool you mentioned.

    Also noticed tonight that the first hoggie has a tick on his face. He normally stays curled up when out for weighing / cleaning out, so didn't notice it before (don't think it has come from the second one - we have been careful to keep them apart).

    Pleased to hear you still have a hedgehog visiting. We still have some outside, but they are not eating a lot at the moment.

  7. Lots of sources still cite using the oil as a way to remove ticks, so don't worry too much. However, the best way is the tick twister as it minimizes the chance of infestion.

    It might be difficult getting the tick off the hedgehog's face. It is going to want to curl up each time you try to get near it.

    I think Monday night's hedgehog was a one-off rather than a regular visitor. Perhaps a hog that had travelled a little in search of food.

    No visits again last night.