Saturday, 14 November 2009

All gone now...

I do hate to post without a picture or a video, but sadly I have no new images to share with you. Since my previous post from a whole week ago I have seen no more hedgehogs. There were no visits at all last weekend, although most of the food in the feeding station was eaten on Monday night (possibly by a passing hedgehog searching for food rather than a regular visitor - if it had been Scratchy I would have seen her at her regular times). Since Monday night there have been no more visits.

I feel a sense of sadness now that the hedgehogs have gone; I just hope they have all found safe places to hibernate through this ghastly weather and I am already looking forward to seeing them again in the spring.

If I see - and more importantly photograph - any other noteworthy wildlife in the intervening months I will post on this blog, otherwise all I can say for now is thanks for visiting and see you next spring!


  1. Hi GL, I may have a similar issue outside. The last hoggie I saw outside was TicTac. Our food bowl had also been nibbled Monday night, but I'm not so sure since (it got completely washed away last night!).

    Anyway, thanks very much for your entertaining blog, and also thanks for your advice on looking after my two "guests".

  2. Mine are still feeding....
    I'll let you know when mine finally go and hibernate.

  3. I will look forward to seeing your hedgehog visitors next Spring.
    Pleased you finally got a working camera again.

  4. Perhaps I spoke too soon. All the mealworms in the feeding station were eaten tonight (Sunday).

    I suppose there's a chance it's another animal such as a rat, but I do hope not.

  5. It would be lovely if they were still around. The weather is generally much milder than last year, even though it is wetter. There are still some insects around, as well as quite a few slugs.

    It does feel very empty without them. We keep looking at the cameras when we hear a trigger wanting to see a hedgehog, but it's usually a cat :(

  6. The weather was much nicer today, I wondered perhaps if a hibenating hog had woken up for a bite to eat.

  7. I keep looking outside tonight since it is mild and (currently) dry here, but not a prickle in sight.