Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Here we go again... Autumn Juvenile #3

I saw earlier tonight that we had a hedgehog visitor in the feeding station, and I also saw him a little later at the water bowl. I just assumed it was the same hedgehog as on Monday night. At about 10pm, I looked out the back, and seeing that the coast was clear (or so I thought) I stepped outside to check the levels of food.

Then when I turned back to the house I saw this little fellow and my immediate reaction was that he or she was a small hedgehog and I'd better get it inside and weighed.

It turns out that s/he's about 470g so is nearly big enough to survive hibernation but not quite. It's certainly bigger than the two autumn juveniles that I found last month. I have the hedgehog safe in a pet carrier with bedding, food and water, and I shall phone Tiggywinkles in the morning, tell them how much s/he weighs and see if they think I should bring him/her in for overwintering.


  1. He / she looks so cute! How do you get them to stay uncurled for photos? Both Harry and Tictac are far more inclined to curl up (except when they are stuffing their faces in the middle of the night).

  2. Hi GL, he's absolutely adorable. You're doing a great job. We loved your video as well.

  3. Hi Kevin - there is a trick you can do to relax them in your hands - it's hard to explain and would be easier to demonstrate. But yes, s/he did curl up whilst being held and trapped one of my fingers!

    Twosie - s/he is a lovely little hog and as I am typing this seems to be moving around a bit. I've heard a few snuffles, but s/he hasn't eaten anything yet. I guess it's still early.

  4. I'm happy to report that the little fella is now eating. I can hear him/her munching away on mealworms as I type this.

  5. Delighted to hear that he / she is now eating.

    Can you try to describe your relaxation technique please - I probably won't have my two for much longer now.

  6. Kevin, hold the hedgehog securely in your hands and very gently rock it in a vertical up and down motion, so it's travelling up and down about 6 or 7 inches. This has the effect of relaxing the hog - if you are lucky. It seems to work for me.