Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Big news... videos are back!

OK, so this movie isn't the most exciting, it's just a hedgehog eating (and as it had been raining, I think that was mealworm soup!). However, there aren't too many active hogs around at the moment, I think most of them must be hibernating already. I'll have to see what other footage I can get of them with the infrared camera whilst there are some still about.

I've had the new camera battery for about a week already, but had been experiencing a few problems getting it charged up properly. Let's hope it's OK and is going to continue working properly now.


  1. Do I take it that this is a wireless camera? If so, what make, is it any good, and how long do the battery charges last?

    PS - any news on your two young hoggies that went to St.Tiggies?

  2. Well it's wireless in the sense that it doesn't connect to anything, but I don't think that's what you mean. It doesn't transmit data to my computer if that's what you are getting at. It simply stores photos/videos on an SD card, and I bring it inside, whack the SD card into the laptop and copy the files over.

    It's hard to say how long the battery lasts, because it all depends on how often the motion sensor is being triggered during each session. I've found in the past that I can use it for about a week before recharging, although I didn't always put it out every night. Actually, since this is a new battery after the first one melted, I'm going to be keeping tabs on how long it lasts.

    It's one of these: http://www.stealth-trail-camera.com/stealth/Trail-Camera.htm

    Sorry, no news on the young hogs that went to Tiggywinkles. I think they get so many in that it's impossible for them to keep you informed. When I took each of them in I had to sign a form saying that I was handing over the hedgehog to them and that I wouldn't be getting it back. I think that means that you have no further contact with it after that. I suppose it would just be too much work for them.

    I hope my two are OK, but unfortunately there's no way of knowing. But they were given the best chance of surviving by taking them to Tiggywinkles.

  3. Just checking in to let you know that I'm still enjoying all the updates. Nice to see the vids back in action.

    My garden is quite dark and the security light doesn't help an awful lot, but I managed to get a sneak peak at one the other night. It darted out from behind the bins over to the holly trees but it was pretty quick and had gone almost before I'd registered that it was there.

    I don't know much about hogs, only what I learn from here, so I'm not much use to them if they need me, but I hope they'll find somewhere nice to hibernate over the winter because it's FREEZING cold here at nights now. It's freezing cold all day here too actually, but that comes with the territory here in Scotland I suppose. I expect the Scottish hogs here are as used to it now as I am.

  4. Great to see the videos are back. We love the way he stands with his foot on the edge of the bowl. Let's hope you get a few more hedgie sightings before they hibernate.

    When we took little Twosie in to Tiggywinkles they said we could call to see how he was going on, but that may have been because we were both bawling at having to say goodbye to him - we had got really fond of the little chap and were so upset to see him ill. We rang each week until we found the little guy had passed away, but we did feel guilty about taking them away from looking after hedgehogs.

  5. Thanks for the camera info. I have to admit that I hadn't thought of an SD card. That sounds a bit like the old "sneakernet" before computer networks became common place. Yes, you are right, I was thinking of fully wireless.

    I didn't realise that you couldn't follow up at Tiggies (Twosie excepted). Perhaps I should write them a tracking system...

  6. Great to see your camera is back in action. The video seem to have less glare.

  7. I messed up last night's videos by having the camera at the wrong angle. Never mind, it's all trial and error.