Friday, 20 August 2010

More catching up

I've been quite busy going hither and thither recently and unfortunately haven't been able to update the blog, although - of course - the hedgehogs are still being fed each and every night as usual. Unfortunately, I've very cleverly mislaid the charger for the infrared camera, and so I am unable to use that at the moment. Here are a few pictures from last night and earlier tonight of some of my hedgehoggy visitors.

I thought at first that the hog in the foreground was actually Baby #2 - having grown a bit since we last saw him - but I have since seen Baby #2 for real and disproved this. Alas, I haven't seen Baby #1 (a.k.a. Itchy) for about 2 weeks now. If however, I was able to put the infrared camera out, perhaps we'd see him then. I hoping he's still about somewhere. Note the other two hedgehogs in the feeding station in this photograph. There was a lot of snuffling coming from that box!

The same juvenile again on Thursday night.

...and again, tonight.

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