Saturday, 28 August 2010

I seem to have a tame hedgehog visiting

I've encountered this particular hedgehog for the past two nights as I was putting food out for them to eat. He (or she) doesn't run away or curl up into a ball, but seems quite happy for me to go about my business around him (or her). Last night I opened the feeding station up to find this hog (identifiable by the blonde "fringe" of spines above the face) already in there eating the previous night's scraps. The hog watched patiently as I filled up the bowl with Iams chicken-flavoured cat food and then started eating it straight away. I even had plenty of time to go back into the house and come out again with the camera for the above photo, before putting the lid gently back onto the feeding station.

However, numbers are severely down this last week. I'm hoping it's just the bad weather that is deterring them.


  1. I have noticed how some of my visitors are very laid back compared to 'Duncan' who is very jumpy.
    You are spoiling them with Iams:)

  2. I just buy a big sack of Iams. Elsa eats it and the hogs eat it. It's convenient.

    Shop around and you can get it cheaper. I got this last sack from Tesco for £10, which is nearly £5 off the usual price.