Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Monday night's hedgehog movie

We've not had a hedgehog movie for a while, so here's some footage from last night showing at least six different individuals. It's interesting to watch how they interact, for example how a hog will approach a foodbowl with some trepidation where another hog is already eating.

One thing that has struck me recently, especially with the babies around, is how well behaved the hogs have been towards one another. However, we see a little piece of bad behaviour here at around the 7 minutes mark.

Note the hog in the 2nd and penultimate clips looks to be quite a fatty!


  1. I enjoyed your film,I have just founed a small Hedghog in my garden and have started to put out food to enable it to servive the winter.

  2. Love the middle section of the pair at the bowl with one cautiously grabbing a mouthful and then backing off to eat it.