Sunday, 5 April 2009

Three hogs visit on Saturday night

Saturday night hogs (4 April 2009): The hogs came running to their food bowl last night whilst I was standing there just 3 feet away. I was amazed - they are normally so shy.

I was just fiddling with the video camera - trying to get the infrared to work, and so long as I was being quiet and not making any sudden movements, the hogs didn't mind me being there. At one point there were three hogs all munching noisily from the bowl of worms. Then I went to get my regular camera to get a shot of this and when I came back just seconds later there were just these two hogs left - a little one and a great big one. (This was when I took the above photo). I think they were starting to get frisky. The little one ran off and went underneath the bike shed and the big one followed but was too fat to squeeze under and it went around the shed looking for somewhere it might squeeze in. Eventually it managed to do so. Then after a few minutes there were lots of grunting and snuffling noises coming from that direction. I assume they were behind the shed at this point as there wouldn't have been any room to do anything with the available headroom beneath the shed.

Please excuse the hog poo in the above photograph - they are messy creatures and the patio needs regular cleaning after their visits.

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