Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Running late

I was beginning to get worried that no hedgehog visitors would come to the garden tonight. I kept checking out the back door window and the bowls of food were still left untouched, until I looked out at approx 10:45pm and saw a hog tucking into the mealworms.

A little after 11pm I looked out again and all the worms were gone, so I went out to put some more in the bowl and met this little hog waiting by the empty bowl. I'm pretty sure that this was the same "cheeky hog" that I reported about last week. It didn't seem too worried by my presence and even posed quite nicely for the camera!


  1. My God, these hedgehogs are the cutest. :> I don't know how prevalent they are in my area, though... Also I have dogs - not too good for hedgehogs, I think. Ah well.

  2. Loving the Hog Blog! Keep it up! :)