Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Lucky I got some more mealworms in!

These hogs are getting used to me. This lovely little hog hardly batted an eyelid as I opened the back door (which is a noisy process, it must be said) and went outside to take a photograph of it. Barely a month ago, the hog would have been long gone by the time I stepped outside.

As you can see, this hog was interrupted happily tucking into a bowl of mealworms. They can be quite greedy and have been known to get through a whole 100g tub of mealworms in one night. Usually I don't put out quite that much for them. Perhaps three handfuls in a single night.

Mealworms can be quite expensive - for example in Robert Dyas a 100g tub is £5.99, and I've seen a much smaller tub, less than 50g in an animal supplies shop for the same price! I buy our hogs their mealworms from Wilkinsons, where they currently retail for £2.49 for a 100g tub. I think we've cleared out the entire stock in our local shop on several occasions.

Our supplies at home were getting low after the hogs had a particularly greedy session last Saturday night, but on visiting our local Wilkinsons on Sunday and again on Monday, there were no mealworms in stock. Today, I spent best part of my lunchhour cycling from the office in Oxford to a different Wilkinsons store in Cowley Centre, where I stocked up with five tubs of worms. When I got home I found Karen had been to our local branch where the worms are now back in stock and she had bought three tubs. So, our hogs have now got quite a bit of food here to keep them going for a while.

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