Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My first Pembrokeshire hedgehog!

I can't tell you how pleased I am to see another of my spiky friends at long last. I was thinking I wouldn't get to see a hog down here, what with the number of badgers locally. One or two neighbours, however, had mentioned that they had seen hedgehogs and so I persevered in putting food and water out just on the off-chance that a hog might come this way. The food has been disappearing over the last couple of weeks, and I believed I saw some hog poo recently. But tonight I went out to put some mealworms down and I saw this little fellow. I took a couple of quick photos and then left it alone. I don't think these countryside hedgehogs are quite as used to people as those in the town where I used to live.


  1. He's got a dark face too which is rare...or so I've heard.
    I am so pleased the hogs have found you;-)
    I believe I have a nesting female in my hog house...I am almost getting broody!

  2. Brilliant. Now the place for free food is known I wonder how many you will end up with.