Saturday, 11 September 2010

More baby hedgehogs and a busier Friday night than I expected

I believe that the hedgehog seen here on the left in these two "through the cat flap" photos is one of the babies from a few months ago. It's definitely a juvenile and its especially dark face make me wonder if it's the one I called Baby #2. So the little one on the right must be from a more recent batch of babies. They're going to need to fatten up over the next couple of months before hibernation.
I had been thinking these last few days that hedgehog visits were on the decrease, partly because I had noticed that food was being left uneaten. So, last night (as well as the cat flap photos) I put the infrared motion-detector camera out. Looking back at the resultant captures this morning showed that it had been a busy night after all, with perhaps more juveniles visiting that I'd have expected. Here follows a selection of the best of the night's captures:

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