Thursday, 24 June 2010

A hot Wednesday night

Today I have a couple of colour photos for you. The hedgehogs don't seem to mind me being out in the garden at the same time as them - so long as I move about slowly and quietly, and don't make any sudden moves. This little one pictured above is in front of the tomato grow bags, whilst in the next picture we see another hog at the secondary feeding station at the bottom of the garden.


  1. Hi GL, it is great to see the hedgies in their natural colours. One of ours is also up and about well before it gets dark and we have also seen a few in full view in the middle of the garden quite late in the morning (06:00 or even later). It is lovely to see them but it is a little worrying in case they get targetted by red kites as there are quite a large number patrolling up where we are. One even perches on the large tree in the garden behind ours the odd time. Your hedgies look much more sensible though and are keeping close to cover.

  2. I'd be surprised if red kites went for hedgehogs; I thought they were only interested in carrion.

    But no, none of mine seem to come out after 3:30am any more.