Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hedgehogs on the summer solstice

Out of curiousity, I wondered how much hedgehog activity there would be in the garden on the night of the Summer Soltice, the shortest hours of darknesss in the year. Below is a slideshow presentation showing all the night's captures.

Note, at 11:18pm Elsa gets into shot. I had just put some more mealworms down (funny that the camera didn't photograph me) and also threw down a piece of over-ripe banana, which is what Elsa was investigating and which can be seen in subsequent frames getting gradually smaller and smaller. So there we have it - proof that hedgehogs like banana!

1 comment:

  1. Plenty of activity here also. I have noticed mine visit the water bowl much more often these warm nights.
    I must try some well ripened banana. In this weather they ripen far to fast and I see the Hedgehog Preservation Society mentions them. No use me putting meat of any sort as Bobby would make a bee line for it!