Wednesday, 2 May 2012

An Adder at Poppit Sands, Pembrokeshire

We all know that adders like to live in sand dunes, but it's rare you get to actually see one. This particular adder was crossing the path leading up to the wooden-decked footpath running alongside Poppit life boat station. I was lucky that I just so happened to have my camera on my at the time. The snake didn't hang around too long to be photographed, and slithered into the long grass of the dunes pretty sharpish.

In other news, I have been putting out some food for the hedgehogs down the bottom of the garden. Something - or several somethings - have been eating it, but I am not 100% certain that it's hedgehogs as yet. I believe they are very late in coming out of hibernation this year what with the weather conditions we've been having. Mary at Spike's Sanctuary in nearby Clunderwen says that Wendy is only just coming out of hibernation now and that we can have her back to let loose down the end of the garden soon-ish. I would like to be certain there are some other hedgehog companions for her before we have her back though!

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