Saturday, 15 October 2011

Nearly hibernation time

Sorry, no pictures, but I saw a hedgehog tonight eating the mealworms I'd put down in the garden. I was beginning to wonder if they had started hibernation already and perhaps the birds were eating the mealworms. So, I think I'll continue putting food out for a while at least.

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  1. Hi GL, all ours bar one have disappeared and are hopefully hibernating happily. The one who still visits the garden is a female but we do not think she is in the family way and we think she is only visiting because it is still mild enough. The minute it gets really cold, she will disappear. We had a little baby turn up at the front mid July but she only came a few times and has not been seen since. So, other than that little one, we have not seen any hedgie babies this year, which is a great pity.